CT ranks fourth as Most Financially Savvy State

Data that was analyzed included annual savings-account average, personal-bankruptcy rate, credit-card debt as a percentage of income.

For more information, see link at: http://www.thebridgeportnews.com/20681/ct-ranks-fourth-as-most-financially-savvy-state/

Stew Leonards v. Trader Joes

Stew Leonards has been around Fairfield County longer but Trader Joes has a wider presence across America. Fairfield County has them both. Both are innovative grocers. I like the focus on entertainment and culture at Stew Leonards. At Trader Joes, I like store themes and offerings aimed at health and flavor treats. What similarities and differences do you see? What do you like about each? Feel free to comment.

BusinessWeek: Video Comes Alive Behold The Power of a GoPro

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Notorious Connecticut Tweeps on Listorious

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Metro-North Railroad

The Metro-North Railroad is the busiest commuter railroad in the United States as measured in terms of overall monthly ridership. Metro-North serves both NY and CT but it is run and managed by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority (MTA), an … [Continue reading]

Connecticut Dimensions

In terms of total land area, Connecticut ranks 48th among U.S. states, the measurement of which is 14,356 square kilometers or 5,543 square miles. Only Rhode Island and Delaware are smaller. Connecticut has a length of 177 kilometers or 110 miles. … [Continue reading]

Aspetuck Land Trust

Since 1966, Aspetuck Land Trust has been working to preserve open space and natural resources for public benefit. Through generous gifts of land, continued efforts of volunteers, and cooperation from town agencies, ALT maintains 42 trailed preserves … [Continue reading]

No Deal

America's $15 trillion debt prevents a new New Deal. Twitter link: https://twitter.com/#!/door24/status/183148547124899840 … [Continue reading]

Statue of Liberty Webcams

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Shanghai Skyline

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